About The Company

Land Market East was incorporated 2023 to carry on the business of mining gold, cooper and elithium, we also processing gold and generally treat, prepare, render marketable, sell, export and dispose of such gold or by-products resulting therefrom either in their raw or processed state.

Mining Industry

Tanzania mining industry has recently garnered substantial contribution to the national economy up to 5.07% in 2018. This was reported by the minister of minerals due to the amendment of the mining act, 2010 in 2017 which introduced the mining commission. Moreover, there was also high raise of awareness by the sector’s


To be the leading mining company in the Nation, to become a prominent gold producer aiming at contributing to the National economy while setting benchmark in the mining sector, also to become the largest buyer and seller of minerals in the world


To create value for our shareholders, our employees and our business, and social partners by safely and responsibly exploring, mining and marketing our products. Our primary focus is gold, but we will pursue value creating opportunities in other minerals where we can leverage our existing assets, skills and experience to enhance the delivery of value